Thursday, April 25, 2013

Go Gokarna ! - Episode 1

A long missed break ,mounting pressure from a unfinished story  ,I was all getting worked up .
A bit of  scratch on my head followed by a search , decided to Go , Gokarna .A quick  booking and boarding  a Volvo Bus , I was there at around 7 am  to watch this amazing sunrise .

Gokarna is a   slow paced temple town along side the shores of Arabian Sea  extending the shores to some beautiful beaches till Honnavar .I chose Om beach and had made a booking for the stay before I left .With a quick ride from bus station , in a  tuk-tuk for 150 bucks and  7 to 8 min ride I could hear the roars from  shores .

As I Entered   Om beach I was greeted by a sign post ,that I was actually looking for , " Namste cafe " and even more warmer greeting,  by the Reception in charge Eshwar .Once the room was ready Eshwar showed me way to my room . I got ready quick ,got on to job , that I had come for ;) . 
                              Armed with 3 P's , pencil paper and pad , I panned through the cafe for the right spot .I chose the center of the broadly v  shaped open edge area of the cafe , under a tree.A perfect vantage point for my advantage :) .I could see the beach line , the rocks and the horizon . 

"  Sir Masala Chai , Strong .And here is your honey "  came a voice from behind .
I started to pen down the story line  refueling myself with tea after every scene .
The tea-sea-scenes cycle continued ,until I wrote THE END on page 30 after 5 days . 

I was relived that finally the story was complete I decided to work on my another assignment.
It was assignment to Sketch a character for one of the Kannada Commercial Movie , which is scheduled to start post June .The people and the place helped me get the visualisation of that character in 2 days .I was contended  made some interesting friends from Australia France and England . Finally I check ticked the check-boxes in itinerary ,   Visit to temple and  Hike  .

A quick hike  from Om Beach  ,through Kudle beach ,I reached Gokarna in 30 minutes .After seeking belssings from Lord Mahabaleshwar for all my futre endeavours ,I decided to head back to banagalore .This time around I wanted to try out Konkan route on Konkan Railways .

      And events that happened in that Journey between Gokarna to Kundapur would make an entry as one of the unforgettable journeys of my life . So far ! 

[ To be continued in Go Konkan ! - Episode 2 ]

Friday, April 19, 2013

Parari Kannada Movie Review

First things first . This movie being produced by non natives of Film industry  was the motivation to go to the hall . Coming to the matter  of the Subject line above , the movie starts with a neat narration and slowly looses it pace.  At the beginning it started to give sense that its gonna be Kannada's   American Pie kind of movie . That sense evoked promise to stay on my seat and expectation increased and hoped chaitanya would do the justice .A few sequence and songs later , it seems it not  about pie nor their fantasy .The plot changes and that's where move slips into the gorge.
             In order to hold that plot Chaitanya has tried hard with deliberate punches and twists . Some example of his hard effort are sequence of Bullet praksh rolling in barrel went too long   and  dead man's sequence in the plot .Seriously Chaitanya ??!!! post intravel I felt like escaping .hoping that director of Aa Dinagalu fame would do some justice to Audience I stayed on ..Also Its rated "A" , never mind the rating , but the Humour was loud  and Cheap at times  . I counted people in theatre at the begining it was  18 precisely  at Inox  12.40pm show in mantri Square Malleshwaram .  I paid 258Rs inclusive taxes ,  for the Movie at Inox  .No Worth No value .
The only saving Grace in the movie are
      a. Bullet Praksh and Umashris performance
      b. Cinematography is descent
      c.  New bees shravanth and shrungha  who have tried to do justice to their roles  ditto to Shubha and jhanhavi .
      d sadhu kokila's character

The -ves :
         a. music
         b. Story line
         c.After a point of time the " Jockey Kaacha " humour looses it shine and laughs and gets annoying .
         d.deliberate and effort ed dialogues to make u laugh ..God!
hoping something worth while and good from chaitanya next time . **and Half  for the producers and for the positives .
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