Friday, November 23, 2012

Life of Pi movie review

Life of Pi : A well told story . A class cinema( !mass) . No hidden dragon nor horses on Mountains , this Lee's movie will take you into a journey of Pi seeking answers to questions of his own about God and life . A fabulously shot , excellent in graphics and great screenplay . In the end as a audience you get to have your own "Pi" takeaway ,out of this delicious cake served by Lee . I m feeling so calm and ever more positive ! .Suraj Sharma has the whole " Pi" to himself in this movie . Cheers Suraj Great Job! . I guess that is enough food for thought for you folks to walk to the booking site/counter . Push your seats back and enjoy the journey of Pi . :) I give **** Cheers! Note : patience required . As some scenes appear more like monologues and sometimes its just only the scenes that do the talking .
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