Thursday, August 2, 2012

jism 2 movie review

At the outset Jism 2 is a story revolving around Isna ( Sunny)a porn star ,Ayan (Arunoday) a cop and bad guy (ex-cop) Kabir ( randeep ) . The film starts with the ending sequence and continuing with the flashback during which another flashback to show the relationship between Isna and Kabir .Which later progresses to her being used as pawn by ayan through her jism and her own revenge.What follows is Mediocre. Honesty ,this 132 minutes film feels like eternity .The treatment of the story is nice ,however the screenplay is loose and story lacks the pace and punch . Some plusses : Good camera work and Showcasing sunny in very Sensual and aesthetic way. As a first timer Sunny does a good job with her lines and expressions .watching sunny without watching her previous work , is bliss. think we can see more of her in future .pooja uses the canvas well to narrate the story very colourfully. Randeep hooda too does a neat job with his intense dialogue delivery . Arunoday was ok. Ditto for music . Minusses: Most of the sequences were predicatable. . weak screenplay and story plays spoilsport . The promos were very promising and I desired for a powerpacked story from Mahesh Bhatt . Alas ,Desire is the root cause of ... you know that . A 2.5 stars .Watch if u have time ,patience and Sunny on mind :) .
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