Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vicky Donor movie review

Wah , Wah , wha! . Apllause Applause . LOL . These are some of the colective experiences you would have when watching the movie. At the outset , Sperm Donation itself being such a taboo to be discussed , a movie on the same subject is quite bold . This is movie about Vicky Arora , unemployed , helping son in mothers 'parlour waxing , massaging and no source of income , comes to notice of a doc curing infertility . The doc hell bent on getting his sperms and to get him to be the donor , as he sees the sachin tendulkar , bradpitt in him . After lot of convincing and lab tests Vicky becomes the Donor . Donor with DNA of Supreme Aryan race.Now the story takes a turn from here on . How he falls in love and the twist and turns in the story . All this makes you applaud the direcotr and the writer for treating a story on sperm donation and a love story with such finnese. The handling of climax is worth applauding .At times there is much of punjabi tadka comin .Nevertheless with my Delhi Noida experince I was able to laugh genuinely on the punju dialogues .havin a punju frind wud be of instant reference in case u miss out on the laughs . Really the nominations for Best Director / Writer /Story /screenplay is already set for this years Film Awards . The music is just Ok .Paani da song being my Fav's. Aayushmaan /Annu kapoor /Dolly Ahluwalia/Kamlesh Gill have done perfect justice to the roles . I loved Biji's role . So now , Just don get the sperm word rush in your head , just rush to the theater and enjoy its a Good watch .
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