Friday, March 16, 2012

Wedding and Wilderness , Day1 Wedding

One our good friends Anupama was getting married .With a bunch of us , invitees, got togather and etched a paralle plan for trek to Kemmangundi post wedding .

[ L-R : SS , AV ... ]

We started our preparation With almost the same fervour as the wedding . Travel stay and other trek details being jotted and planned we headed to Hassan . The fun started right from the pick ups with SS, AV , JJ , SPB , SP , PP .Our other Friends KVB , PK, GN comin on a Safari .

After plucking PP from safari , we were seven . The journey started with a deliberation on the games to play . With a oposition to amazingly mediocre Antakshari , SS popped the idea of Mafia game . All of us heeded to SS and stated the game . Boy that was one hell of fun . Once we were staurated with the Mafia game , Dumbchrades was the democratic choice .

There we go . Fun on the ride. PP, JJ n me against the mighty SPB SP SS and AV . U know what was the first movie name we got . Apocalypso !!! . At the time of hearing i din knwo a thing apt from the meaning of the word . My mind raced along to act . With me showing the destruction and world ... ours truly PP ... sait Apocalypso!!! ... " O O ... wow!! hi 5 , hugs and embraces later we :P'ed the opponents and decided to take a revenge for such atrocity against us . Then we tossed Gattaca . They struggled and succmbed . Ye!!! . relived . Finally it was Bellur cross we had to brake our fun for some food .
With our chauffer sugesting the Mayura Hotel off the highway at bellur cross we seated ourselves there . After binging on the fab food we headed to Hassan . O I almost forgot , the Palk Panner there is Fantastic . Absolutely soft and spongy . The place is neat clean hygenic and service fast and prompt .

[Lighter moments , after food some thoughts ;) ,L-R : JJ AV SS PP ]

This how good the food was :) ... I loved it !

Mayura Hotel , Bellur Cross Bangalore Hassan Highway , 10/10 .

Final shot before start L-R :SPB SP .

With a heay stomach some of us resigned from having fun and choosing a siesta . Again a stopover at Relax Dhaba after bellur to catchup with buddies KVB , PK nd GN .The milestone read 58km .


With only less than hour to travel our energy sprung back and there we were at it agian talkig talking crapping , we were in halebeedu .

The place itself made us wonder about the attention details in the sculptures Jakanachari had at that time and to the culture that were existing at that time . With some of spotting some mature content sculptures and wondering about that culture at that time too. ;) . A quick shoot and long thoughts we headed for the actual purpose , Anupamas wedding reception .

We were at our PI behaviour off work too , we were ahead of time . the girls freshned up and came up really colourfully dressed . After a wait of an hour Anupama and Satwik were on stage .We immediately went on stage , we wished her happiness and revied their hospitality and bid bye to them and headed to chikamagalur.

Finally the muhartham picture .

[Photo Credit : Anupama ]
With some earthshattering laughs and gags on the way back we were welcomed by Kaunteya Hotels pvt ltd's "The Planters Court" at chikmagalur . It was past midnight when we embraced the Bed to retire for the day . Of the weddng and the wilderness .We were 50 % done. Hoping for a good other 50%.


sandeep said...

Ganesh gaDDa is the highlight...!!!

Looks like everyone are wearing the same sunglass...!! :-)

sandeep said...

hey btw, reception picture seems to be shaken..

ArunSachi said...

yes Ur right sandeepa .. das my glass . ... the rception pic is softfocussed actually .

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