Friday, March 23, 2012

My encounter with World's 7th highest

It was sharp 5.45am when I was at Mandala street . With cold winds cutting the face I checked in to the group that was heading to venue . The minibus serenading on the serpentine road and sedating me most of the 4 hrs way from Kathmandu .After a welcome message by the resort staff we assembled at the central bar/lounge .We were to be weighed before we started our Madventure ;) .
" Arun Sachidananda , from India " Wow! never felt so represented so far . Every step I took towards the sacle , I counted on the calories I stacked on a recent marriage trip and at the trek .With almost trembling feet and a curious look at the scale ,I stood on the mega weighing machine . " Seventy Five , Next Jonathan from UK " Came the announcemet to all.Sigh of relief . After coming down 8 Kgs since Jan , this number kept my head and motivation high .I was Marked " B1S 75" . All of us were segregated based on the weight . With a steady step I moved on the ropeway bridge . Every time i looked down the bridge my heart and ba*** almost popped out from mouth .
There I was at the edge of the wedge ,on the bridge . My mind at its work , pumping the adrenalin steadily and testosterone already at its peak levels . I was the first one to initiate the act . Lots of expectation from self and others . " Ok. ready ... Waaan... Toooo.. three... go...." I'm all in the air ,tied by a rope, at 140 km/hr speed and my harmones rushing in my head 280 km/hr ;) for about 4 seconds. I felt light , felt good and free .I did it! . My first Swing , my first ever , what i call as Adventure Orgasm and am asking for more , cos Zindagi Na milegi Doobara . Cheers! :) CLICK HERE TO SEE

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