Sunday, March 25, 2012

A WAISA Initiative

How do we make ourself significant and contribute to the society ? Check out this Link from WAISA . I'm Collaborating with them and hope all u guys in Bangalore would join hands for this Initiative. Ignorance is no Bliss . Seriously! .
Quick info bites :
Click here for Location Map :
Time : 2-5 pm
Contact : 9972407724
See U there .

Friday, March 23, 2012

My encounter with World's 7th highest

It was sharp 5.45am when I was at Mandala street . With cold winds cutting the face I checked in to the group that was heading to venue . The minibus serenading on the serpentine road and sedating me most of the 4 hrs way from Kathmandu .After a welcome message by the resort staff we assembled at the central bar/lounge .We were to be weighed before we started our Madventure ;) .
" Arun Sachidananda , from India " Wow! never felt so represented so far . Every step I took towards the sacle , I counted on the calories I stacked on a recent marriage trip and at the trek .With almost trembling feet and a curious look at the scale ,I stood on the mega weighing machine . " Seventy Five , Next Jonathan from UK " Came the announcemet to all.Sigh of relief . After coming down 8 Kgs since Jan , this number kept my head and motivation high .I was Marked " B1S 75" . All of us were segregated based on the weight . With a steady step I moved on the ropeway bridge . Every time i looked down the bridge my heart and ba*** almost popped out from mouth .
There I was at the edge of the wedge ,on the bridge . My mind at its work , pumping the adrenalin steadily and testosterone already at its peak levels . I was the first one to initiate the act . Lots of expectation from self and others . " Ok. ready ... Waaan... Toooo.. three... go...." I'm all in the air ,tied by a rope, at 140 km/hr speed and my harmones rushing in my head 280 km/hr ;) for about 4 seconds. I felt light , felt good and free .I did it! . My first Swing , my first ever , what i call as Adventure Orgasm and am asking for more , cos Zindagi Na milegi Doobara . Cheers! :) CLICK HERE TO SEE

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wedding and Wilderness ,Day 2 Z point Kemmanagundi

After a hectic day of Sightseeing , photoshoot and the wedding reception the day the day began with a sumtuous breakfast at Planters court . After stacking enough carbs we headed to kemmangundi to trek till Z point .

Before Departure ...

Cool Gals ...

JJ Out of Focus SS Infocus

JJ In focus SS Out of focus
KVB at His Natural Best
After an hour drive from chikamagalur we were in kemmanagundi . After having the lunch at the vegeterian hotel we headed to trek . Between kemmanagundi and the raj bhavan is the gateway to Z point on a hairpin bend . With all the walking and talking after about one and a half hour we were at the Z point Summit . .O I alkmost forgot , on the way to Kemmangundi fromm chikamagalur at Attigere one has to definitely stop at Coffe Barn Cafe . Once u r out of it U feel Coffe Day 's are so out and Coffee Barn is So in...

from here on I'll allow the picture to do the talking .

After the ascent it took about an hoour to come back to the Gateway point . It was all fun and frolic all the way back to Bangalore .With our hearts bleeding and minds forcing to move on, on the thought of Bengalooru and work , we reached halfhearted .

Friday, March 16, 2012

Wedding and Wilderness , Day1 Wedding

One our good friends Anupama was getting married .With a bunch of us , invitees, got togather and etched a paralle plan for trek to Kemmangundi post wedding .

[ L-R : SS , AV ... ]

We started our preparation With almost the same fervour as the wedding . Travel stay and other trek details being jotted and planned we headed to Hassan . The fun started right from the pick ups with SS, AV , JJ , SPB , SP , PP .Our other Friends KVB , PK, GN comin on a Safari .

After plucking PP from safari , we were seven . The journey started with a deliberation on the games to play . With a oposition to amazingly mediocre Antakshari , SS popped the idea of Mafia game . All of us heeded to SS and stated the game . Boy that was one hell of fun . Once we were staurated with the Mafia game , Dumbchrades was the democratic choice .

There we go . Fun on the ride. PP, JJ n me against the mighty SPB SP SS and AV . U know what was the first movie name we got . Apocalypso !!! . At the time of hearing i din knwo a thing apt from the meaning of the word . My mind raced along to act . With me showing the destruction and world ... ours truly PP ... sait Apocalypso!!! ... " O O ... wow!! hi 5 , hugs and embraces later we :P'ed the opponents and decided to take a revenge for such atrocity against us . Then we tossed Gattaca . They struggled and succmbed . Ye!!! . relived . Finally it was Bellur cross we had to brake our fun for some food .
With our chauffer sugesting the Mayura Hotel off the highway at bellur cross we seated ourselves there . After binging on the fab food we headed to Hassan . O I almost forgot , the Palk Panner there is Fantastic . Absolutely soft and spongy . The place is neat clean hygenic and service fast and prompt .

[Lighter moments , after food some thoughts ;) ,L-R : JJ AV SS PP ]

This how good the food was :) ... I loved it !

Mayura Hotel , Bellur Cross Bangalore Hassan Highway , 10/10 .

Final shot before start L-R :SPB SP .

With a heay stomach some of us resigned from having fun and choosing a siesta . Again a stopover at Relax Dhaba after bellur to catchup with buddies KVB , PK nd GN .The milestone read 58km .


With only less than hour to travel our energy sprung back and there we were at it agian talkig talking crapping , we were in halebeedu .

The place itself made us wonder about the attention details in the sculptures Jakanachari had at that time and to the culture that were existing at that time . With some of spotting some mature content sculptures and wondering about that culture at that time too. ;) . A quick shoot and long thoughts we headed for the actual purpose , Anupamas wedding reception .

We were at our PI behaviour off work too , we were ahead of time . the girls freshned up and came up really colourfully dressed . After a wait of an hour Anupama and Satwik were on stage .We immediately went on stage , we wished her happiness and revied their hospitality and bid bye to them and headed to chikamagalur.

Finally the muhartham picture .

[Photo Credit : Anupama ]
With some earthshattering laughs and gags on the way back we were welcomed by Kaunteya Hotels pvt ltd's "The Planters Court" at chikmagalur . It was past midnight when we embraced the Bed to retire for the day . Of the weddng and the wilderness .We were 50 % done. Hoping for a good other 50%.
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