Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lucky kannada movie review

In her debut as a producer Mrs. Radhika Kumaraswamy through her Shamika enterprises delivered a good product to the Kannada Audience through "Lucky " . The film is about Lucky who is a carzy looking guy , in crazy love with the TV channel anchor Gowri. The story kicks off with the introducton of the characters and gradually gets into the mode where Lucky tries to woo her . But no avail . All ideas from his friend 420 ( Sharan ) would be of no use as well . Then come a point where Lucky has no money and Lucky has no choice but go for a regular Job . That where the Story takes a turn . Lucky comes to know Gowri would be one of the Panellist and seeks 420's help . He suggests him to change to Go Vicky ( vikram kumar is his original character name ) . He does all it takes to change himself. In all that process we get to Enjoy soem good comic moments . Now what happens after he changes to vicky ?will she like him , will she find out he is the real Lucky she knew ...u hav to go and watch ... No to forget the real hero "Zoo Zoo " .

The actors have done a awesome job to their respective roles and supported each other in each frame. The chemistry between Yash and Ramya works really well . Sharan is at his usual best in his comic timing . All the charectarisation in the movie has shaped really well . right from Lucky, Gowri , begger , lucky's granny , his parents , his friends and Zoo Zoo. Perfect.

Technically too , the movie is neat with crisp editing and sound . What does not work is the songs . Every time there is a song there were twitches in the hall . Not that songs werent good.. but they very intterupting the flow of the story . Anyways ... forgiving and forgeting that ,its a Good job done by Dr.Suri . Its pure paisa vasool movie or shall we say Kaasigey thakka Kajjaya ;) or Mrs .Rahika Kumaraswamy just got "Lucky" ! :)

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