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Simple boiled corns with Jalapenos ,Lime juice and melted butter dressing .Fimaly a dash of oregano .

Stir fried Beetroot with Ricotta cheese

yummy Stir fried Beetroot with Ricotta cheese :
Ingredients :
1. Mustard seeds [ 1 teasppon]
2. Urad dal [ 1 tea spoon]
3. Jeera [ 1 tea sppon ]
4. Curry Leaves [ 5-6 ]
5. Dried Oregano /Dill leaves [ pinch of it ]
6. Olive oil
7. 2 table spoons of Lemon juice .
8. Salt to taste
9. Vegetable oil [ 2 table spoon]
10.Ricotta cheese[ In Bangalore available at "Gourmet" shop at MG road ]

A] On a hot pan splutter the Mustards and once it settles add the Jeera and urad and then the Curry leaves .
B] On to that add the Grated beetroot and stir fry the Beetroot .
C] Toss with lime juice and season with salt .
D] Garnish with lumps of ricoota cheese on top of the Beetroots . Toss in the oregano and dill on top of the cheese . Drizzel olive oil on top of the ricotta cheese .

Twist on TTT recipe

Yeah yeah ... the tried tested trusted upma got a lil twist . With my Amma announcing that the sunday Breakfast is going to be Upma/Uppittu , I got thinking .
How to make it inviting to already lazy legs to the breakfast table. Well my inner Italian woke up . I suggested Amma to spruce up the uppittu by adding Some corn kernels Zucchini and Veg Seasoning cube apart from the already added carrots n beans . Amma without shooing me away ,obliged for a twist in taste. In few min's Fab Indo Italian version of Upma was ready. Then I garnished it with some Ricotta cheese , Jalapenos and sun dried tomatoes for that extra punch . I seasoned Ricotta cheese over Sun dried tomatoes with some dried Dill leaves and drizzle of extra virgin olive oil . Voila ... a modern rendition of the traditional Uppitu is ready to savor ! enjoy !

Uppittu profile Pics : :)

Traditional Upittu /Upma Recipie :
1. Semolina / Upma/uppittu rava ( 200g)
2. One Onion finely chopped
3. Assortment of vegetables cut ( Anything that is ur favaourite)
4. 1 Teasppon of Mustard seeds
5. 1 tea spoon of Uraad dal [split black gram]
6. tea spoon of Chana dal [ split bengal gram]
7. Teaspoon of turmeric
8.Finley chopped coriancder leaes
10. finelu chopped green chillies .
11.1 lemon juice
12.5 to 6 curry leaves
13.Grated coconut
Procedure :
a) before getting started , first stir fry the Semolina / Uppitt Rava , for about 2 to 3 mins on low flame with a two table spoon of oil . Use regular refined oil .we do not want too much of ,mix of flavours here .Keep it aside .
b )On hot wok / Pan splutter the mustard seeds , in about 4-5 tablespoon of oil .
c )Add the rest of the seeds/dal and once they turn lil golden brown add the onions and fry them till onion turns translucent . This would release all the sweetness of the onion .
d) Now add the chopped chillies .Always note that the intensity of hotness of the chilli is less if add over onions . If u want it hotter add chillies before onions.
e) Now stir the assorted vegetables in this mixture for about two minutes .
f) now add about 400ml of water [twice that of the semolina measure actually] and allow it to cook untill u see the boil.Add the lemon Juice now .
g) Add the stir fried semolina , stir it and cook in low flame for 3 mins .
h) Once done garnish with freshly grated coconut and coriander leaves .
Enjoy !!!

Pasta arrabiata

Pasta arrabiata:
Ingredients :
Tomato Puree .
Basil Leaves
Olive oil ,
Chili flakes
Onion chopped .

Coriander:Just that lil Indian touch to it . :)

On a hot pan add olive oil [ I have used Pomace olive oil , u can use extra virgin olive as well ]
Saute the finely chopped onions and once translucent add the pureed tomatoes and the chili flakes , basil.
After a boil , add the cooked pasta [ AL-Dante in consistency ].
Simmer for about two minutes and serve fresh .
Garnish with Dried Basil .
You can top it with grated Parmesan Cheese [ I was out of stock ]

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