Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From a Common Man , Common Man Ver2.0

What’s common between me and you? What’s not so common between me and you? Do we choose to be common? Being common is so common. Being common is so easy. What happens to common man? Is there a voice to common man? What are the trial and tribulations that a common man goes through? An insight and dissection of these thoughts is, Yours Truly Theatre‘s Presentation “Common Man Ver 2.0 “.

Life of a common man is Food for thought, I thought. I was eagerly waiting for the premiere as I had watched the first show of Common man few years ago and wanted to see how the commonness progressed in the years gone by . I’m not going to spill the beans about the story, however I want share the overall experience being in oneness with the performance. Music, lights and performance. An 3D experience in true sense .You have be there to know the touch of story and feel of theater play.
To Start with, Anchors In truly Yours truly Style,did a audience warm-up activity that set the tone for the evening. After that it was a riot of colors and laughter and applause. Common Man Franchise has grown both in size and production quality. The Performance was, as ever, best. To mention few highlights and sequences that were etched in my memory , actors in a black dress in a with a torch light are searching for the path and “Common man” lost and looked for light in his life … .The shower of postage's ,sequencing of _thorns in life_ act , Symbolism of Umbrella’s and last but not the least , Voice of common man that resonated from the start to the end , in form of narration , situation and in the end Voice of common man himself . What makes the whole act even endearing is the Amazing chemistry and comfort between the actors. Its looked so simple(=Natural) and easy. But I’ bet that simplicity is amazingly complicated to achieve and the actors would have slogged to get the sync / simplicity. Among the things I observed was discipline of actors on stage .The performers made sure the stage was clean, at every point the postage's trickled down as a part of the act or just when it fell at random .The same discipline reflected in their performance too.To point at some performance's in specific felt MRF was little effort-ed at couple of places.Also the ending went little tangent to the story stitched for the ending in the first two sequence's and then the back on track with what audience had suggested . That's beauty of interactive/improvisational theater . Applause Applause . Life in a Common man ramps up from Confusion to Clarity, Darkness to Colors, and Evolution to existence .Silence to voice. “Common man” has arrived or Ver 2.0 shall I say !

Production Wise :
1. Great music . Agam was surprise package . It definitely gave depth and dimension to the sequences enacted .They did “Agam’ed ” the original soundtrack and lyrics from the earlier version , and a fantastic background score as well . Ditto to the set design and the SFX .
2.A note about costumes . If my memory fetches me right it was White Shirt and Black Pants/jeans and some colorful duppatas, in the first show , that graduated to Jackets / gowns / colorful ensemble. This definitely added the required nativity to the sequence enacted and grandness to the frame.
3.Kudos to the team of YT for putting such a great show.

Credits :
Music by - Agam (Carnatic Rock Band)

Music Arrangement by - Ganesh Ram Nagarajan (Agam)

Sound execution & Improv music - Madhurkar neyogi & Ameet Bhuvan

Original Sound Tracks of the play Common Man Ver 2.0
Theme Song ‘Rasta kya’ - Sung by Harish Sivaramakrishnan (Agam) lyrics - Sumit acharya & Nandini Rao

Story of Common Man - Sung by Ranji withYT Chorus - Lyrics: Ranji David

Awesome Awesome Baby- Sung by Ranji with YT Chorus - Lyrics - Nandini & team

Writer : Nandini Rao

Direction : Nandini Rao and Ranji David

Actors on stage : Ameet Bhuvan , Deepak Sharma, Nandini Rao , Ramya M ,Ranji David Sumit Acharya , Sudarshan Rangprasad , Vishal Bhandary .
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