Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chinese Upma recipe

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Ingredients :
2 onions , Dry red chillies , tomatoes [ juicy ones ] ,2 teaspoons of Soya sauce , 1 tea spoon of mustard oil , 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil , hung curd for garnish , mustard seeds , urad dal ,upma rava[ semolina ]200gms.

Method :
1. Gently roast the Semolina/ rava on medium flame with a Table spoon of vegetable oil.
1.5. Add the mustard seeds , once the splutter settles add the urad dal .Once Urad turns Golden color add the Onions .
2.Stir fry the onions till golden brown and then add chillies . Toss them around and add the soysauce.
3.Add water , salt and allow it boil .
4.Once its starts bubbling add the roasted Semolina and Keep stirring occasionally and turn the heat off once the water is absorbed .
5.Garnish with hung curd droplets .



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Farfalle with basic tomato sauce . [ I have used the veg Blogonese sauce for this ] .Cook the pasta till al-dante , Mix some baked beans and toss it with the ready to use blogonese sauce . Ready to savor in Minutes . Enjoiii ...

Kaveri trail Marathon 2011 photos

Running cant get better than this. Amazing run n great fun . Looking forward for next year's run .



















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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Simple boiled corns with Jalapenos ,Lime juice and melted butter dressing .Fimaly a dash of oregano .

Stir fried Beetroot with Ricotta cheese

yummy Stir fried Beetroot with Ricotta cheese :
Ingredients :
1. Mustard seeds [ 1 teasppon]
2. Urad dal [ 1 tea spoon]
3. Jeera [ 1 tea sppon ]
4. Curry Leaves [ 5-6 ]
5. Dried Oregano /Dill leaves [ pinch of it ]
6. Olive oil
7. 2 table spoons of Lemon juice .
8. Salt to taste
9. Vegetable oil [ 2 table spoon]
10.Ricotta cheese[ In Bangalore available at "Gourmet" shop at MG road ]

A] On a hot pan splutter the Mustards and once it settles add the Jeera and urad and then the Curry leaves .
B] On to that add the Grated beetroot and stir fry the Beetroot .
C] Toss with lime juice and season with salt .
D] Garnish with lumps of ricoota cheese on top of the Beetroots . Toss in the oregano and dill on top of the cheese . Drizzel olive oil on top of the ricotta cheese .

Twist on TTT recipe

Yeah yeah ... the tried tested trusted upma got a lil twist . With my Amma announcing that the sunday Breakfast is going to be Upma/Uppittu , I got thinking .
How to make it inviting to already lazy legs to the breakfast table. Well my inner Italian woke up . I suggested Amma to spruce up the uppittu by adding Some corn kernels Zucchini and Veg Seasoning cube apart from the already added carrots n beans . Amma without shooing me away ,obliged for a twist in taste. In few min's Fab Indo Italian version of Upma was ready. Then I garnished it with some Ricotta cheese , Jalapenos and sun dried tomatoes for that extra punch . I seasoned Ricotta cheese over Sun dried tomatoes with some dried Dill leaves and drizzle of extra virgin olive oil . Voila ... a modern rendition of the traditional Uppitu is ready to savor ! enjoy !

Uppittu profile Pics : :)

Traditional Upittu /Upma Recipie :
1. Semolina / Upma/uppittu rava ( 200g)
2. One Onion finely chopped
3. Assortment of vegetables cut ( Anything that is ur favaourite)
4. 1 Teasppon of Mustard seeds
5. 1 tea spoon of Uraad dal [split black gram]
6. tea spoon of Chana dal [ split bengal gram]
7. Teaspoon of turmeric
8.Finley chopped coriancder leaes
10. finelu chopped green chillies .
11.1 lemon juice
12.5 to 6 curry leaves
13.Grated coconut
Procedure :
a) before getting started , first stir fry the Semolina / Uppitt Rava , for about 2 to 3 mins on low flame with a two table spoon of oil . Use regular refined oil .we do not want too much of ,mix of flavours here .Keep it aside .
b )On hot wok / Pan splutter the mustard seeds , in about 4-5 tablespoon of oil .
c )Add the rest of the seeds/dal and once they turn lil golden brown add the onions and fry them till onion turns translucent . This would release all the sweetness of the onion .
d) Now add the chopped chillies .Always note that the intensity of hotness of the chilli is less if add over onions . If u want it hotter add chillies before onions.
e) Now stir the assorted vegetables in this mixture for about two minutes .
f) now add about 400ml of water [twice that of the semolina measure actually] and allow it to cook untill u see the boil.Add the lemon Juice now .
g) Add the stir fried semolina , stir it and cook in low flame for 3 mins .
h) Once done garnish with freshly grated coconut and coriander leaves .
Enjoy !!!

Pasta arrabiata

Pasta arrabiata:
Ingredients :
Tomato Puree .
Basil Leaves
Olive oil ,
Chili flakes
Onion chopped .

Coriander:Just that lil Indian touch to it . :)

On a hot pan add olive oil [ I have used Pomace olive oil , u can use extra virgin olive as well ]
Saute the finely chopped onions and once translucent add the pureed tomatoes and the chili flakes , basil.
After a boil , add the cooked pasta [ AL-Dante in consistency ].
Simmer for about two minutes and serve fresh .
Garnish with Dried Basil .
You can top it with grated Parmesan Cheese [ I was out of stock ]


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nikon D5100 Photo Competition Submission

Hey guys Some of My submissions for the Contest has been Selected. Please share this with your friends too and cast likes /votes . I need your support to move to next round ... Thanks guys :)
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TCS World 10k Run , Bangalore

After 2009 Airtel Delhi half marathon, I have already started training for the World 10 K run here in Bangalore. For a Change this time the title sponsors are TCS . Am looking forward for the run . The event website is I did have problems in registering earlier , finally today registered using my credit card .All the best People , train hard and party even harder on that day .
PS: For Route map Click Here

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From a Common Man , Common Man Ver2.0

What’s common between me and you? What’s not so common between me and you? Do we choose to be common? Being common is so common. Being common is so easy. What happens to common man? Is there a voice to common man? What are the trial and tribulations that a common man goes through? An insight and dissection of these thoughts is, Yours Truly Theatre‘s Presentation “Common Man Ver 2.0 “.

Life of a common man is Food for thought, I thought. I was eagerly waiting for the premiere as I had watched the first show of Common man few years ago and wanted to see how the commonness progressed in the years gone by . I’m not going to spill the beans about the story, however I want share the overall experience being in oneness with the performance. Music, lights and performance. An 3D experience in true sense .You have be there to know the touch of story and feel of theater play.
To Start with, Anchors In truly Yours truly Style,did a audience warm-up activity that set the tone for the evening. After that it was a riot of colors and laughter and applause. Common Man Franchise has grown both in size and production quality. The Performance was, as ever, best. To mention few highlights and sequences that were etched in my memory , actors in a black dress in a with a torch light are searching for the path and “Common man” lost and looked for light in his life … .The shower of postage's ,sequencing of _thorns in life_ act , Symbolism of Umbrella’s and last but not the least , Voice of common man that resonated from the start to the end , in form of narration , situation and in the end Voice of common man himself . What makes the whole act even endearing is the Amazing chemistry and comfort between the actors. Its looked so simple(=Natural) and easy. But I’ bet that simplicity is amazingly complicated to achieve and the actors would have slogged to get the sync / simplicity. Among the things I observed was discipline of actors on stage .The performers made sure the stage was clean, at every point the postage's trickled down as a part of the act or just when it fell at random .The same discipline reflected in their performance too.To point at some performance's in specific felt MRF was little effort-ed at couple of places.Also the ending went little tangent to the story stitched for the ending in the first two sequence's and then the back on track with what audience had suggested . That's beauty of interactive/improvisational theater . Applause Applause . Life in a Common man ramps up from Confusion to Clarity, Darkness to Colors, and Evolution to existence .Silence to voice. “Common man” has arrived or Ver 2.0 shall I say !

Production Wise :
1. Great music . Agam was surprise package . It definitely gave depth and dimension to the sequences enacted .They did “Agam’ed ” the original soundtrack and lyrics from the earlier version , and a fantastic background score as well . Ditto to the set design and the SFX .
2.A note about costumes . If my memory fetches me right it was White Shirt and Black Pants/jeans and some colorful duppatas, in the first show , that graduated to Jackets / gowns / colorful ensemble. This definitely added the required nativity to the sequence enacted and grandness to the frame.
3.Kudos to the team of YT for putting such a great show.

Credits :
Music by - Agam (Carnatic Rock Band)

Music Arrangement by - Ganesh Ram Nagarajan (Agam)

Sound execution & Improv music - Madhurkar neyogi & Ameet Bhuvan

Original Sound Tracks of the play Common Man Ver 2.0
Theme Song ‘Rasta kya’ - Sung by Harish Sivaramakrishnan (Agam) lyrics - Sumit acharya & Nandini Rao

Story of Common Man - Sung by Ranji withYT Chorus - Lyrics: Ranji David

Awesome Awesome Baby- Sung by Ranji with YT Chorus - Lyrics - Nandini & team

Writer : Nandini Rao

Direction : Nandini Rao and Ranji David

Actors on stage : Ameet Bhuvan , Deepak Sharma, Nandini Rao , Ramya M ,Ranji David Sumit Acharya , Sudarshan Rangprasad , Vishal Bhandary .
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