Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Arise Awake

If Swami Vivekananda were alive, he would be very happy to see that Ayaan Mukherjee, the director of the movie "Wake up Sid ", has given fresh coat to his quote “Arise awake until goal reached!" in a very contemporary form.
The movie is a take on the life of Sidharth Mehra. Who is a carefree guy...Who rides Life to Enjoy and academics is at the backseat in the ride. The movie takes us through the trials and tribulations in his life and how he overcomes it.
His conflicts and confusions in career, and all this ...The story is neat however pace of the story is little slow. You need to have patience.
In fact I think that all of us have a little Sid in us.... There was lot of nuances that were very well highlighted in the movie. Some of them were like theory of relativity, self realization and finally the arising and awakening. Ayan beautifully captures all those.
Theory of relativity is so vital in relationships. While Ranbir cribs about his failure in exam, his friend who’s one of the topper in college ...say that she fails every day fighting her diet plan where she is trying to overcome her weight issues, but still tries or a case where one persons interest is other persons bore .Konkana ( Aisha )sees that Ranbir is too young for her, only to realize later that Ranbir was her reason for stay in Mumbai. Or a situation where she dotes on her boss who’s all for jazz music parties which she finds as not her type. I guess the difference (relativity) can be enjoyed as long as the relationship is bounded by strong values .Love /Trust/Respect /Hope.
Ayan also showcases the point of doing things that one is good at can reap great results was also one of the highlights , where Ranbir finds himself as a total misfit in his fathers office doing regular job and does a great job as photographer in a magazine company. All in all its about following your dreams, desires with determination.
On a lighter side I found lot of Sid parameters in me .Some of them still in its latent state and some of them growing, some subsiding and some of them dead. Like for example , a great fan of Homer Simpson of “ The Simpsons” which is still latent in me [I used to have Simpson Collectibles on my desk] or plastic money usage , as though it was a Aladdin Lamp, which thankfully is subsiding or the passion to follow Photography seriously which is growing or clubbing endlessly , which is dead .
On the whole its quite a time pass movie, nothing to rave about.I give it a ***/***** .Very natural performances by the entire star cast.. However my wife begs to differ. Her feedback was loud and clear to me, when at the end of the movie; I had to say "Wake up Savita ".


Vivek Chugh said...

Well, I must start with appreciating your observation and clarity in your expressiveness. I was not able to have a handle on movie like u did. But, one thing that was easy to comprehend and agree upon was, “there’s a little bit of sid in every one of us” (even if we don’t have dad’s money to relish upon :D ). My reason for liking that movie was quite simple and straight forward as my girl friend is a look alike of konkana sen so I had an undue and distinct motivation to see that movie. :)

ArunSachi said...

Thanks for the response vivek . yes all of us hav lil sid in Us ... and with ur response am able to juxtapose the Sid in u too ... cheers !

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