Friday, April 3, 2009

Friends @ H34

All this while ,till i moved to Noida ,was a Home boy always being in the company of my Family and friends in Karnataka . In Noida my initial two months were in PG accommodation in sector 41 . Being new to Noida and the whole region of North India , I was initially not sure about the people . However things got clearer and better after few days in the PG . As the saying goes " World is round and small " I got a chance to meet some interesting people in my PG . I take great pleasure in introducing my new found friends in Noida .I hope my list keeps growing ! ( :

Friends List :
1. Ajay Verma
2. Anurodh Arun Gupta
3. Apurv Mittal
4. Ashwin
5. Rahul Sharma
6. Raman
7. Samar Vij
8. Vineet
9. Varun Anand

Ajay Verma

Ajay Verma is S/W engineer by profession and Is from Yamuna nagar Haryana . He is extremely Humurous and free spirited . .He is No Chinta No Worry kinda guy. He is a happy soul at H34 .

Anurodh Arun Gupta

A.k.a AAG . He 's pursuing his MBA in Entrepreneur and leadership . The real fire ball of H34 and can talk on and on . AAG is from Agra and sings very well .

Apurv Mittal

" Mittal Saab " as i call him is a fun loving , carefree guy ... relaxed and always connected .. i mean on net or on phone ... He 's pursuing his MBA in Entrepreneur and leadership

Ashwin ... is really positive and God fearing guy . He is very calm and composed . Very sweet guy .
Rahul Sharma

Cool and very friendly guy. He is your guy next door . He is a great Sport and Enterprising .He is very patient and great listener . He seeks knowledge . He 's pursuing his MBA in Entrepreneur and leadership


He is my short term Punjabi teacher . He is a Marketing Manager by profession and very down to earth guy . Great guy to share experiences .

Samar Vij ( Need his snap .Will Upload soon)
" Mr Vij " as i like to call him , is very ambitious guy .Loves to chill wid friends . At times he can be a pain to others when he starts to pull others legs . BTW sunny and samar are "Langotiya yaar's"( as they say ).

Varun Anand

a.k.a " Sunny " is exactly opposite to the name ... it should have been "cooly" .He is as cool as cucumber .At a first when u see and hear him u feel he is rude.Again reversing the opinion , he is very sweet . ... chilled out most of the time ..


Vineet is a also fun loving and studious guy . He is well know for his dialogues .He is silent kinda guy .But will speak when required .

Inspired by the characters of these guys I have thought of short story . Will publish the same . Keep reading !

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