Monday, November 2, 2009

Airtel Delhi Half marathon 2009

With all the anticipation and excitement ,my marathon started a before .Getting the bib itself was like a marathon as the Bib was issued at Saket . So Chuggy( Vivek Chugh : One my Best friends here in Noida ) and me left for Saket .After taking 2 hrs to reach saket and hour and half waiting for the Bib/goodies bag we headed back to Noida , which took another two hour .Huh !

I got Up early with renewed excitement and enthusiasm at 5am and was all set .
People were already swarming up with Zeal and Zest that this "Dilwalon ka sheher " is known for. There were about 8900 and odd participants in the half marathon category . I was glad to be one.
 The race started at 7.30 but by the time I crossed the start line it was 7.37.There was so much of crowd.
The thing that I liked most about the Marathon was , that there were people cheering us all through out the route . There were all sorts of bands and dance groups cheering up on either sides of the track for almost every 500m . Just imagine .. u get to hear Pop /Rock desi/Punjabi/dance ..etc etc ..there we Dhol being drummed ..Oh it was just amazing !With kids cheering up... Some senior citizens singing Saare Jahan Se accha to cheer ! Bhayya Daudo Daudo ...! and so much more..
All the joy and excitement in my mind suddenly came to halt when I felt a pricking pain in my right knee .I knew what was in store for me . There was engine with Full fuel , but the wheels running out of air. Air tel Delhi Half Marathon was over leaving me with a bad Knee pain after the run . Here are some statistics and updates about my run . I clocked more than 3 hrs to make it to the finish line . Thanks to my knees which stopped supporting me after the 11km mark . I struggled every step ...with natural progression of walking , limping and stretching . Finally I made it . on the elite runners front ,Ethiopians ruled the roost with top honors in both men and woman's section. Deriba Merga successfully defended his title, clocking a time of 59:54 minutes.World champion Mary Keitany won the woman's race by crossing the finish line and setting a new course record of 66:54. So much energy and stamina. Need to wok on that!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Arise Awake

If Swami Vivekananda were alive, he would be very happy to see that Ayaan Mukherjee, the director of the movie "Wake up Sid ", has given fresh coat to his quote “Arise awake until goal reached!" in a very contemporary form.
The movie is a take on the life of Sidharth Mehra. Who is a carefree guy...Who rides Life to Enjoy and academics is at the backseat in the ride. The movie takes us through the trials and tribulations in his life and how he overcomes it.
His conflicts and confusions in career, and all this ...The story is neat however pace of the story is little slow. You need to have patience.
In fact I think that all of us have a little Sid in us.... There was lot of nuances that were very well highlighted in the movie. Some of them were like theory of relativity, self realization and finally the arising and awakening. Ayan beautifully captures all those.
Theory of relativity is so vital in relationships. While Ranbir cribs about his failure in exam, his friend who’s one of the topper in college ...say that she fails every day fighting her diet plan where she is trying to overcome her weight issues, but still tries or a case where one persons interest is other persons bore .Konkana ( Aisha )sees that Ranbir is too young for her, only to realize later that Ranbir was her reason for stay in Mumbai. Or a situation where she dotes on her boss who’s all for jazz music parties which she finds as not her type. I guess the difference (relativity) can be enjoyed as long as the relationship is bounded by strong values .Love /Trust/Respect /Hope.
Ayan also showcases the point of doing things that one is good at can reap great results was also one of the highlights , where Ranbir finds himself as a total misfit in his fathers office doing regular job and does a great job as photographer in a magazine company. All in all its about following your dreams, desires with determination.
On a lighter side I found lot of Sid parameters in me .Some of them still in its latent state and some of them growing, some subsiding and some of them dead. Like for example , a great fan of Homer Simpson of “ The Simpsons” which is still latent in me [I used to have Simpson Collectibles on my desk] or plastic money usage , as though it was a Aladdin Lamp, which thankfully is subsiding or the passion to follow Photography seriously which is growing or clubbing endlessly , which is dead .
On the whole its quite a time pass movie, nothing to rave about.I give it a ***/***** .Very natural performances by the entire star cast.. However my wife begs to differ. Her feedback was loud and clear to me, when at the end of the movie; I had to say "Wake up Savita ".

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friendship Day , 2009.

On This day , a day before friendship day ,I'Missing all of my Friends from Bangalore here in Noida so Friendship Day is of special interest for me this year . I would like to Wish all my Friends , blog readers a " Happy Friendship Day" in advance. Click here to see my friends from Bangalore , with whom I had oppurtunity do a photoshoot, so time to remember . I miss u all guys ! Enjoy ur day ! Cheers!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Finished 5th

After about intermittent preparation for the run at Noida , I finally finished the 5Km run , 5Th clocking 23min's 40sec's . The run to finish line ended dramatically . Having maintained #3 position till the last 200m , two guys sprinted ahead of me with blazing speed . I was drained of energy and could not run ahead of them . This run has definitely mirrored my stamina,energy and strength , ahead of the Airtel Delhi Marathon in November . So its all preparation for next 12 weeks . Get going and start jogging ...!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Running and Living Marathon , Noida

Its running time guys. On 19th July 2009 The Running and Living organization has organized a 5Km/10Km run .
Quick Info :
Location :
Elemention Gym,
Tower B, Lower Ground,
Green Boulevard, B9A
Sector 62 NOIDA
[Near Fortis Hospital ]

Contact Number :01204571671

Timings :
Free Registration : 6.00am
10Km Start : 6.15am
5Km start : 6.30am

Click here to check the map of Runnning Circuit

Click here to Join the NOIDA Running Group at Google groups

Also for beginners , please go through Running and Living Website , it has some amazing details about running , tips and training information , and loads of other information related to running .

I'm all set and ready to run .... are you ?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Rakhi Ka Swayamvar

After all the hype and waiting Rakhi Sawant's swayamvar aired on NDTV Imagine on 29th June .Since then me n my wife are glued to TV between 9 to 10 pm on NDTV Imagine. Seemz like Rakhi's prospective grooms are all set and ready for all the drama. At the outset when I watched it felt more or less like any other reality show with the exclusivity that its a Swayamvar . This show is similar to the FOX Networks " Who wants to marry a millionaire " where 50 eligible girls compete against each other to marry .The difference is that here its Rakhi who is millionaire and the guys are vieing to marry her. The competition in the Indian context is " Swayamvar"

Its is great to watch Rakhi for a change in her mellowed down , shy and docile behavior. I'm fan of Rakhi for the reason that she is so uninhibited , courageous and brutally honest .She makes no bones about her marriage on small screen of her big decision in her life .She owes everything she achieved to the Small screen . I'm really appreciative of people who are Honest and truthful . That's when great energy and vibration gets exchanged .She was the one openly admitted about her plastic surgery of her lips ,when asked about the same on Karan Johars "Coffee with Karan ", she said "Jo cheesein God nahi deta, woh Doctor deta hai"!!!!( Implying What God has not created , Doctor creates one )

The guys participating in swayamvar range from a business man from Canada , Astrologer from Delhi , Engineer cum model from Ghaziabad, Police inspector from J and K , Sales Manager , Advocate from Haridwar , choreographer , A marriage Consultant !!! , a fitness instructor and also there was 21 year old guy who just passed out from College from Yamunanagar ( BTW that guy was voted out in the first elimination.) so on and so forth .

The show is very engaging .We hop to different channels during break and make sure we tune back in again . That's the commitment that I have as a ardent fan of Rakhi .While my wife also watches and reminds me every time when I hop to different channels during the break , to tune back in .

There is all the masala /drama /fun / excitement/ curiosity as in any other show. The guys are happy when the are not eliminated and greet each other, make sad face when eliminated. Rakhi on the other hand grills the contestant to know them better . To assist in her big decision there is Ravi Kishan from the Big brother fame , carrying out the duties like an elder brother . Contestants are doing all it takes to woo Rakhi .So far they have Sang , Danced and Wrote love letter . I just hope that all that's happening in the reality show is a real manifestation of the contestants love for Rakhi and and not a show of love for Rakhi . I only wish Best of Luck for Rakhi and for the contestants ,may the best man win .

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mushroom on Toast Recepie

200g of Mushroom washed and diced.
4 juicy tomatoes chopped
4 onions chopped
1’ Ginger chopped
4 Chilly chopped (According to taste level in your family)
2 table spoon of tomato sauce
Coriander / Celery leaves chopped
Mustard Seeds ( Sarso ( Hindi ) / Sasuve ( Kannada) )
Cumin (Jeera (Hindi)/ Jeergey (Kannada))
Refined oil 4 table spoon
Salt to taste

For the toast:
Whole wheat bread / White Bread
Oil / Butter /Olive oil /Clarified Butter (Ghee) to use as a spread while toasting.
We tried this recipe at home after tasting it at Peach Blossom hotel ,Fagu Shimla on a recent trip .
It’s a simple, easy to cook, nutritious and delicious breakfast.
First Prepare the Mushroom based spicy spread.
1. In a heated Pan( Hanchu ( Kannada ) ,Tava( Hindi )) /Wok / Kadai( Hindi )/Baandli ( Kannada) , ) heat the refined oil .
2. Add the Mustard seeds and wait until the splutter settles .Add Cumin.
3. Add the chopped onion. Add chopped chilies. Stir the onions until they turn translucent.
4. Now add the ginger and stir again .Now adds tomatoes and keep stirring it occasionally to the point when the skin and the juice are separate.
5. Now add the Mushroom and allow it cook in the gravy for about 10 minutes. Now mix the Tomato sauce and stir it allow it cook for about 5 more minutes .
6. Garnish the Dish with Chopped coriander.
For the toast:
Cut the bread in to desired shape. Toast the bread on pan /oven with oil spread on it (any of the mentioned types in the ingredients list). Calorie conscious guys can omit the oil and dry heat it over the pan or the microwave.
Once the toast is ready, spread the Mushroom based spread over the toast, Mushroom on toast is ready to eat.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friends @ H34

All this while ,till i moved to Noida ,was a Home boy always being in the company of my Family and friends in Karnataka . In Noida my initial two months were in PG accommodation in sector 41 . Being new to Noida and the whole region of North India , I was initially not sure about the people . However things got clearer and better after few days in the PG . As the saying goes " World is round and small " I got a chance to meet some interesting people in my PG . I take great pleasure in introducing my new found friends in Noida .I hope my list keeps growing ! ( :

Friends List :
1. Ajay Verma
2. Anurodh Arun Gupta
3. Apurv Mittal
4. Ashwin
5. Rahul Sharma
6. Raman
7. Samar Vij
8. Vineet
9. Varun Anand

Ajay Verma

Ajay Verma is S/W engineer by profession and Is from Yamuna nagar Haryana . He is extremely Humurous and free spirited . .He is No Chinta No Worry kinda guy. He is a happy soul at H34 .

Anurodh Arun Gupta

A.k.a AAG . He 's pursuing his MBA in Entrepreneur and leadership . The real fire ball of H34 and can talk on and on . AAG is from Agra and sings very well .

Apurv Mittal

" Mittal Saab " as i call him is a fun loving , carefree guy ... relaxed and always connected .. i mean on net or on phone ... He 's pursuing his MBA in Entrepreneur and leadership

Ashwin ... is really positive and God fearing guy . He is very calm and composed . Very sweet guy .
Rahul Sharma

Cool and very friendly guy. He is your guy next door . He is a great Sport and Enterprising .He is very patient and great listener . He seeks knowledge . He 's pursuing his MBA in Entrepreneur and leadership


He is my short term Punjabi teacher . He is a Marketing Manager by profession and very down to earth guy . Great guy to share experiences .

Samar Vij ( Need his snap .Will Upload soon)
" Mr Vij " as i like to call him , is very ambitious guy .Loves to chill wid friends . At times he can be a pain to others when he starts to pull others legs . BTW sunny and samar are "Langotiya yaar's"( as they say ).

Varun Anand

a.k.a " Sunny " is exactly opposite to the name ... it should have been "cooly" .He is as cool as cucumber .At a first when u see and hear him u feel he is rude.Again reversing the opinion , he is very sweet . ... chilled out most of the time ..


Vineet is a also fun loving and studious guy . He is well know for his dialogues .He is silent kinda guy .But will speak when required .

Inspired by the characters of these guys I have thought of short story . Will publish the same . Keep reading !


Friday, February 20, 2009

Marriages in North India

This years valentines day was the day for me to head to Jaipur to attend two marriages of my ex and present colleague. Having no familiarity with the marriages here i set out to jaipur with a lot of excitement will all the scenes from our Hindi movies at the back of my mind running through out . I was curious to experience the celebrations that I saw in movies first hand .
I departed from Bikaner house Delhi to board the RSRTC( Deluxe bus at 11.45pm . When the engine of the bus had started it was 00.05am IST . When I boarded off the bus at jaipur it was 5 am in morning . It very chilly in jaipur as well . ..
By the time my home stay coordinator arrived it was around 6 am.We headed towards the home stay at " Cosy Home " in Bani park that I had booked earlier through . The home stay was very clean and hygienic . U actually feel at home . Mr Mahesh Tukki a very friendly and knowledgeable owner of the home stay was very hospitable . After all my morning ablutions and the complementary breakfast , I headed for my first wedding venue, ie Nikhils, at " ManasSarovar " . Marriages in north India are different from the south . Their set rituals include the "Chaak Baath , Nikasi , barath , preeth bhoj ,panigrahan sanskar. The Marriage day Ceremony starts at the grooms place and they head to the wedding venue with the Barath , That's a entourage from the guys side .All the members of the grooms side wear " Pagadi" a traditional headgear after which the barath heads to the venue .
Just look at Nikhil , isn't he happy !?
Then the baaraath heads to the wedding venue with all the Song and dance activity through out the path . Its sheer joy to be a part of the wedding as you get to witness the members of the family Dancing and rejoicing the whole event .

I got to witness all kind of styles typical to the place . Right from the traditional Marwari , Punjabi to freestyle dancing.Whole dancing in the baarath is the manifestation of the love and happiness associated with the groom . Every time a person used to feel happy or get elated they used to stop the baarath and request the band set guys to play their favorite song so that they dance on that song . With all the high energy dancing and the walking the baarath reached the venue at around 8 .

Then there were traditional welcome to the groom into the Venue by the brides family . As clock started to tick away from 8 I was getting late for my second appearance at Ashok's wedding . I wished Nikhil from far wholeheartedly and left the venue .

( Nikhil and Richa engaged in pooja )

Ashoks wedding was at Hotel Haveli near Statue circle . I took a rick and zapped into his wedding for Preeth bhoj . Most of the weddings here are organised in Lawns or gardens unlike the marriage halls in the south . The first impression that I got was the elaborate and ornate designs of the stage where the couples were seated . The whole of the park/garden is lit with various coloured lights . It appeared to me as if iI have entered some mega set of movie with all that light and decor .

When I entered the crowd had abated at the stage .Ashok and Khushboo were seated relaxed . They were looking like the prince and princess . Really
! with Ashok looking Smart and handsome with his Sherwani and the Pagadi and Khushboo with Her elaborately and exquisitely designed Sari . After a brief introduction of me to Khushboo by Ashok I handed over the gift( Read as trailer gift) that i purchased in all the hustle and bustle. After taking pics of the couple I headed over to have my dinner . Three fourth of the periphery of the lawn wit various food counters . I was confused where to start from . I took tour of the food counters and decided to start with salads first . Food needs a special mention as that is close to my heart . The food spread included salads , pickles , various varieties of Indian bread , side dishes , crackers , sweets , chats , namkeens , fruits , ice creams , sharbats , shakes , pan . every item had at least 5 to 6 varieties .I decide to dig in all the possible varieties . The most memorable item was the Makki di roti that was served hot and fresh dipped completely in molten butter . Ahh ! it was just amazing with the veg kofta curry . It was getting late for me . When i looked at my watch it screamed 11.15. Jaipur is no place with night life . So one needs to head back soon at the latest by 12 in the night . These were the words of wisdom put into my ears by the home stay owner . After realizing those words I did my final set of picture grabbing of the wedding ,the venue and booked a radio taxi and headed towards the home stay .
It was 12.10 by the time reached the home stay . when I set to sleep gradually each and and every frame of the baarath and the marriage rolled on when i shut my eyes. When I Opened my eyes it was a warm sun light peeping through the window to welcome me for yet another day , a day to go back to Noida .

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Murthy and the Maverick

I had actually published this post on live Journal a year back . Here is the link . . From here onwards i shall be using blogspot for my blogs .
Keep reading . Cheers!
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